Bio-care Solution


The sulphide odour associated with sewers is closely related to the degree of grease build-up in the lines. Sulphur-containing chemicals arise from many sources – animals, vegetable and mineral. In the absence of oxygen, certain bacteria convert these compounds to sulphides. Grease build-up in sewage lines creates anoxic conditions that stimulate this conversion. The odour of hydrogen sulphide gas is not only unpleasant to smell, but is toxic to humans. Inhalation of this gas in a close environment can cause sickness and even death.

Bio-Care™ product (Grease Traps) contains bacteria that rapidly oxidizes sulphides and emulsifies and digests grease deposits in the lines. Regular line treatment with this culture prevents further accumulation of fatty deposits.



Hotels, restaurants and other food providers and traditionally been forced to deal with uncontrolled occurrences re-actively. Whenever a stoppage occurs, their only solution is to call for emergency plumbing service, which caused untimely disruptions to their business. With the three-tiered Bio-Care™ approach (grease trap management system), you won’t have to worry about “temporary solutions” that don’t work or are unsafe. Incidents which can cause business disruptions will be dramatically reduced, giving you tremendous savings in potential business hours lost due to such occurrences.