Bio-Care GT is designed as a low cost, easily installed portable grease trap that will fit most kitchen operations. With the installation of Bio-Care GT, the bulk of the FOG (Fats, Oil and Grease) that will be disposed and discharged down the line, will be trapped at the source. We believe that this will aid greatly in the reduction of overall blockages within the kitchen main line as the reduction of overall FOG values within the main line will lead to a smooth effluent flow whereby the bulk of the waste is water.

This will prove to be beneficial at the main grease trap as the overall FOG discharge into the PUB line will also be reduced.

When used in tandem with our patented Bio-Care GTB-30 Bio Blocks, we believe that that it will work in a complimentary fashion to reduce costly main line issues coupled with the benefit of having to pump the main grease trap on a reduced basis.

Unique Features

  • Light weight, fiberglass portable grease trap
  • Traps all to 30 Liters worth of Fats, Oils and Grease at the source.
  • Built in Strainer to prevent rubbish and food waste from clogging up kitchen waste line
  • Easily accessible and maintained
  • When used in tandem with our patented GTB-30 Bio Blocks, will further reduce odour and grease.