1) Deep Clean Kitchen / Outdoor Floor Cleaner:

a. Deep Clean Kitchen – A Superior Alternative to conventional kitchen floor cleaners.

Designed specifically for removal of greasy soils, our specially formulated Deep Clean Kitchen instantly cleans the floor by removing surface soils, while the inclusion of beneficial microorganism aid to penetrate deep into the pores to degrade a wide range of embedded residual organic soils. Finally a specially selected lipase enzyme helps to break down the most resistant grease for faster emulsification and digestion. With continual usage, Deep Clean Kitchen will prevent future soil and greasy waste buildup, maintaining a kitchen floortrap that is truly deep-clean and odour free.


b. Deep Clean Outdoors – An effective alternative to conventional outdoor cleaners.

Deep Clean outdoor is a powerful solution for cleaning problematic oil stains left by vehicles and other equipment. The Deep Clean formula effectively removes oil stains on concrete and other surfaces, while the beneficial microorganisms help remove residual oil stains by degrading a wide variety of hydrocarbon compounds. Continued use prevents future soil buildup, maintaining services that are truly deep-clean.

2) Drain-Ease Open:

Designed for floortraps and kitchen waste pipes, Drain Ease Open is a combination of fast-acting chemistry to quickly open minor clogged drains with a patented beneficial microorganism that continuously degrades organic drain buildup. The long-lasting microbial action of Drain Ease Open helps maintain free-flowing drain lines and reduce the organics that can cause malodours.


3) Uri-Clear

URI-CLEAR is a unique drain opener, formulated with an effective blend of additives and penetrants to swiftly act against and dissolve most clogged materials in your drain system. It can be used effectively in all toilet waste pipes, urinals and water closets to effectively and swiftly break down and clear hardened calcium and hair that might be present within the drainage system.

URI-CLEAR can be widely used in maintenance departments, commercial, kitchens, hotels, schools, apartments, shopping centres, industrial plants, hospitals, amongst others.