Kitchen & Sewer Pipe Flushing in Singapore


Over time, the flow of pipes may become impeded and even blocked due to the build-up of solids that have become stuck in the pipes or grease that has solidified. As a result, kitchen and pipe flushing may be necessary to clear your piping systems and ensure that everything is running smoothly again in no time — especially because failing to do so could lead to flooding and other disastrous consequences for your business.

Bio-Care™ provides kitchen and sewer pipe flushing services in Singapore. From restaurants to commercial premises, Bio-Care™ has the expertise to provide kitchen and sewer pipe flushing services for organisations of all sizes, ensuring that there are no costly piping mishaps that could interfere with the running of your business and cost you a fortune to repair. Read on below for more information about what we offer.

Sewers, Drains, Industrial Line, Kitchen Waste Pipes

Utilizing high pressure, truck mounted water jetting equipment that operate up to 5000 PSI, we are able to flush, clean and maintain any underground and overhead main sewerage/kitchen waste lines. Blockages, chokes and clogs are easily cleared with forward and reverse high pressure jets that remove debris and mechanical built-up such as scale, silt, sand, grease and hardened sewerage.

With our commitment to always deliver the best results for our clients, choosing Bio-Care™ for your pipe flushing needs gives you the peace of mind knowing that you will be working with the best in the business. You can count on us to have your pipes clean and flowing smoothly in no time!

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