Why just use traditional kitchen strainers when you can use BioTex? 

Many kitchen drainage issues can be solved at the source.

With the installation of Bio-Care’s Floortrap Strainers / BioTex system, we are confident that your kitchen blockage woes will be greatly reduced.

Our proprietary BioTex ( a highly absorbent cloth that is specially designed to remove oil from water) and floortrap strainer system works in tandem to reduce both physical waste, rubbish, debris AND oil and grease – something that traditional strainers won’t remove.S-Trap Diagram - Watermarked


This will help to:

  1. Prevent food waste from clogging up your pipes
  2. Reduce malodours within kitchen floortraps
  3. Reduce oil and grease buildup within the drainage system
  4. Stop unnecessary costs to clear blockages