Why Choose Biocare?


Organic loading (eg. fats, grease, etc.) on drains, grease traps ad septic tanks can result in the reduced operating efficiency of these systems. Restaurants and other food providers have traditionally been forced to deal with the ongoing problems of waste disposal and drain line stoppages re-actively.

When a stoppage occurs, their only solution was to call for emergency plumbing service, which causes untimely kitchen disruptions and downtime’s.

Traditional Solution 1: ROUTING

This solution is only temporary because “routing” simply dislodges part of the main obstruction, leaving the drain pipes partially closed. You’ve solved one problem temporarily – but you’ve left grease residue in place to create a new one!

Traditional Solution 2: CHEMICAL

Chemical solutions used might be either toxic, corrosive or are unsafe. They also damage plumbing over a period of time, and don’t work any better than a “routing”. In fact, so damaging are some chemicals to your plumbing system and the environment that they have been banned by the authorities.